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Babalu is the Bronx's indoor-outdoor destination for the excitement, feel and taste of old-world Latin America—with a modern twist. Guests feel the atmosphere of old streets in Puerto Rico, and then sense the sophistication of third generation Latinos in New York in the 21st Century, thanks to Babalu's one-of-a-kind décor and incomparable cuisine prepared by Celebrity Chef Alex Garcia. Babalu’s menu features fresh, locally-sourced ingredients in dishes focused on particular aspects of the area’s culinary tradition. “From the Street,” the small-plates portion of the menu showcases the cuisine of street vendors, often eaten on the go, with typical Latin favorites such as tacos and chicharrones. The larger entree portion of the menu, “From the Market,” is a nod not only to the markets of Latin America but also the markets of the Bronx, and includes such Latin specialties such as paella and ceviche. Bridging the gap between old and new, Babalu brings a slice of Latin American life to the Bronx with all of the love and passion that Latinos show and feel in everything we do. Come be part of our family at Babalu, where Latin food and music dance together.

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